1. Should Apple conduct extensive screening of Apps before they are allowed to be sold the App Store? Why or why not?
  •  Yes it should conduct extensive screening to filter the list of apps that had good quality and useful and acceptable to the users.

  1. Do research to determine the current status of the FCC investigation of Apple for banns use of the Adobe Flash software on devices that use the iOS operating system
  • It is announced that it will no longer ban intermediary development tools for iOS as long as it don’t download any code in app store.

  1. What do you think of Apple’s guideline that says it will reject in app for any content or behavior that they believe is over the line? Could such a statement be constructed as a violation of the developer’s freedom of speech? Why or Why not?
  •  About the license & end-users agreement, no because the owner had right of what his company would do.

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