1. You have procrastinated too long and how your final paper for your junior English course is due in just five days-right in the middle of final exam week! The paper counts for half your grade for the term and would probably take you at least 20 Hours to research and write. Your room-mate, an English major with a 3.8 GPA, has suggested two options (1) He will write an original paper for you for $100, or (2) he will show you two or three “paper mill” Web site, from which you can download a paper of less than $35. You was to do the right thing, but writing the paper will take away from the time you have available to study for your final exam in three other courses. What would you do?
  •  Maybe I will choose the first option that he will write an original copy for me for $100, so that I will had a time to study and I had no option, I just choose the one that has less objection in the right of Intellectual Property, because he offered me, so he is giving me the right to use his work for my English subject.


  1. You are beginning to feel very uncomfortable in your new position as a computer hardware salesperson for a firm that is the major competitor of your previous employer. Today for the second time, someone has mentioned to you how valuable it would be to know what the marketing and new product development plans were of your ex-employer. You stated that you are unable to discuss such information under the non-disclosure contract signed with your former employer, but you know your response did not satisfy your new co-workers. Your fear that the pressure to reveal information about the plans of your former company is only going to increase over the next few weeks. What do you do?
  • I would keep it secret , because I signed the contract in my former employer in the contract, it stated that I will not reveal or tell any company secret’s or in IT terms they call it the TRADE SECRETS.


  1. You have been asked to lead your company’s new competitive intelligence organization. What would you do to ensure that members of the new organization obey applicable laws and the company’s own ethical policies?
  • I would or will explain to the members the laws that are applicable and acceptable in the company and all the ethical policies in the company that they should follow.

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