1. A former high school classmate of yours who has returned to China emails you that he has been offered a part-time job monitoring a Chinese Web Site and posting comments favourable to the government. How would you respond?
  • I will reply to him and said that not accept the offered job, because spying on other’s website and monitor comments is unethical, there are rights of the people commenting the freedom of expressions, we all had rights to talk, to express our thoughts and ideas.


  1. Your 15-year-old nephew exclaims “Oh wow!” and proceeds to tell you about a very revealing photo attachment he just received in a text message from his 14-year-old girlfriend of three months. He can’t wait to forward the message to others in his school. What would you say to your nephew? Are further steps needed besides a discussion on sexing?
  • I would talk properly to my nephew and tell what will be possibly happen if he forwards the message to others.


  1. A college friend of yours approaches you about an idea to start a PR firm that would specialize in monitoring the internet for “bad PR” about a company and “fixing” it. One tactic the firm would use is to threaten negative posters with a libel lawsuit unless they remove their posting. Should that fail, the PR firm will generate dozens of positive postings  to outweigh the negative posting. What would you say to your friend about her idea?
  • I would think and say it’s a bright idea, but I would question him if his doing is right? Or is it ethical? He is faking the comments about it and faking the feedbacks to attract users.


  1. You are the computer technical resource for county’s public library system. The library is making plans to install Internet filtering software so that it will conform to the Children’s Internet Protection Act and be eligible for federal funding. What sort of objections can you expect regarding implementation of Internet filters? How might you deal with such objections?
  • I think they will have no objections because they know that is a library and it is open to public in all ages and they would also expect that it had implemented internet filtering to block some rated SPG URL’s or websites.


  1. Imagine that you receive a hate email at your school or job. What would you do? Does your school or workplace have a policy that covers such issues?
  • I would just ignore it there are just people that is insecure, because they don’t have what I have or maybe other reasons.



  1. A co-worker confides to you that he is going to begin sending emails to your employer’s internal corporate blog site, which serves as a suggestion box. He plans to use an anonymous remailer and sign the messages “Anonymous,” Your friend is afraid of retribution from superiors but wishes to call attention to instances of racial and sexual discrimination observed during his five years as an employee with the firm. What would you say to your friend?
  •  I would suggest to them that he should not use anonymous email instead use a proper or a traceable email for them to know who send it.

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