Chapter 4 PRIVACY

  1. As the information systems manager for a small manufacturing plant, you are responsible for anything relating to the use of information technology. A new inventory control system is being implemented to track the quality and movement of all finished products stored in a local warehouse. Each time a forklift operator moves a case of product, he or she must first scan the product identifier code on the case. The product information is captured, as is the da, time and forklift operator identification number. This data is transmitted over a local area network (LAN) to the inventory control computer, which then display information about the case and where it should be placed in the warehouse.The warehouse manager is excited about using case movement data to monitor worker productivity. He will be able to tell how many cases per shift each operator moves and he plans to use this data to provide performance feedback that could result in pay increases or termination. He has asked you if there are any potential problems with using the data in this manager and, if so, what should be done to avoid them. How would you respond?
  • I think there are some potential problems that will occur, because the work might slow, because there are some additional operation like getting the information of the products and the cases, to avoid any problems, we can hire some workers to do the additional jobs to be made in operation.


  1. You have been asked to help develop a company policy on what should be done in the event of a data breach, such as unauthorized access to your firm’s customer database which contains some 1.5 million records. What sort of process would you used to develop such a policy? What resources would you call on?
  • We would use an Opt-In Policy so that there are privacy, because you must obtain specific permission from consumers before collecting any data.


  1. You are a new brand manager for a product line of Coach purses. You are considering purchasing customer data from a company that sells a large variety of women’s products online. In addition to providing a list of names, mailing addresses, and email addresses the data includes an approximate estimate of customer’s annual income based on the code in which they live, census data, and highest level of education achieved. You could use the estimate of estimate of annual income to identify likely purchasers of your high-end purses and use email addresses to send email s announcing the new product line and touting it’s many features. List the advantages and disadvantages of such a marketing strategy. Would you recommend this means of promotion in this instance? Why or why not?
  • The advantage is,

    • You can access all the customers data

    • You can email them

    • You can manage your sales

  • And the Disadvantage is,

    • You’re accessing the privacy of the customers

    • Your clients can use the information of the customers in other purposes out in your business. Maybe not, because the privacy of the customers in this strategy is open and not safe, maybe others can access the information and use it on other purposes.


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