Ethics In Information Technology

  1. There are many ethical issues about which people hold very strong opinions—abortion, gun control, and the death penalty, to name a few. If you were a team member on a project with someone whom you knew held an opinion different from yours on one of these issues, would it affect your ability to work effectively with this person? Why or why not?
  • It depends on his/her opinions, if his/her opinion is ethical why not accept it? And if his/her opinion had no point, I would share my opinion and defend it. I think every people will be distracted in their work if they know their doing not right.
  1. Identify two important life experiences that helped you define your own personal code of ethics.
  • First is when we are defending our project in database 2, one of our panels asked us who make the program and my group mate said, the two of us make it. But the truth is I’m the only one who makes it, and also in our networking 1 , I make the project of my classmate the adder/subtractor, adder, subtractor, multiplacator which I realized that it’s not right and unethical.
  • Second is when our instructor gave us the final project, the distribution is not equal, others had the easiest project to make.
  1. Do you think that the importance of ethical behavior in business is increasing or decreasing? Defend your position.
  • For me I think it’s increasing, why? Because many companies and organization check the employee’s background before they hired them, because they want to ensure that their company have good employee’s, and to be good employee they must have the moral and ethical value.
  1. Do you believe that an organization should be able to escape criminal liability for the acts of its employees if it has acted as a responsible corporate citizen, making strong efforts to prevent and detect misconduct in the workplace? Why or why not?
  • No, the act of the employee can affect the organization, maybe the organization can escape the criminal liability but the trust of the other people to that company or organization will decrease or will be lost.
  1. Is it possible for an employee to be successful in the workplace without acting ethically?
  • No, you cannot say that you are successful in your job if you had no integrity or you’re not acting ethically.
  1. Should software piracy within the boundaries of third-world countries be tolerated to allow those countries an opportunity to move into the information age?
  • No, it should be not tolerated because they can make it as practice, and maybe it can be their habits and do it in their job, making illegal copies and others.
  1. Is ethics training really just a waste of time that will not change the behavior of employees?
  • For some people they can say it’s a waste of time because they don’t understand what will be the coming effect if many people are not doing ethically. But for others it is great values to have to be successful in their workplace.

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