Why There is NO Licensure Exam for IT Professionals?

                Yesterday is really different from today because from the past it is okay with them that they were not educated. Today, if you don’t have any degree most of the people don’t have a better future. Education is part of our lives and it is part of our journey. If you chose to study, well then that’s a very good decision you made. That’s why now I am studying and taking up BS in Information Technology. For how many years in studying in this institution, I was really proud of the students coming from this institution who passed the Licensure Examination and with that there is a question comes up in my mind that why it is Information Technology don’t have licensure examination?  As I think of it there are some ideas come up in my mind that as an IT student we are not only studying in one body of knowledge, that we are not only memorizing theories which is part of the old knowledge. It is our responsibility to create new devices that is very applicable in today’s life. And how can we create if our knowledge is inadequate? That is why IT doesn’t have examination because the knowledge we need is always developing or upgrading in order for us to develop a new technology as a response in changing demands as of today and even for our near future.

                Technology evolves so that the community will meet their different demands because most of the businesses and establishments depend on software which is very useful for them to have fast and accurate in terms of any processes involved the computers. Like for example cell phones, it is true that people will find something new about gadgets and it is a challenge for the IT experts to provide what the people needs that’s why different models of gadgets through technology are very fast evolving that somehow the old one were faced out. Information Technology does have a lot of specialties and don’t have standard curriculum. Different institution does have different curriculum and it is very true that not all of the programming languages we know because our school only taught us java programming language the fact that the institutions used php, turbo c, c++ and others.

Every country had different curriculum used in teaching Information Technology students like Philippines compared to the United States it is really different the way they teach and the way they train students. Talking to the licensure examination of the IT if time comes that there would be I am so sure that many students will fail because it is not that easy to study, to think that there are many programming languages to consider. What if you take an examination then in the programming field how can we answer if we only know java then the language they wanted for you to use is turbo? That is the question that everybody needs to consider why Information Technology do not have that licensure examination.

                As I conclude I agree that there is no licensure examination because technology as they said is “a non-stop evolution” in terms of processes.


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