Chapter 4 PRIVACY

  1. As the information systems manager for a small manufacturing plant, you are responsible for anything relating to the use of information technology. A new inventory control system is being implemented to track the quality and movement of all finished products stored in a local warehouse. Each time a forklift operator moves a case of product, he or she must first scan the product identifier code on the case. The product information is captured, as is the da, time and forklift operator identification number. This data is transmitted over a local area network (LAN) to the inventory control computer, which then display information about the case and where it should be placed in the warehouse.The warehouse manager is excited about using case movement data to monitor worker productivity. He will be able to tell how many cases per shift each operator moves and he plans to use this data to provide performance feedback that could result in pay increases or termination. He has asked you if there are any potential problems with using the data in this manager and, if so, what should be done to avoid them. How would you respond?
  • I think there are some potential problems that will occur, because the work might slow, because there are some additional operation like getting the information of the products and the cases, to avoid any problems, we can hire some workers to do the additional jobs to be made in operation.


  1. You have been asked to help develop a company policy on what should be done in the event of a data breach, such as unauthorized access to your firm’s customer database which contains some 1.5 million records. What sort of process would you used to develop such a policy? What resources would you call on?
  • We would use an Opt-In Policy so that there are privacy, because you must obtain specific permission from consumers before collecting any data.


  1. You are a new brand manager for a product line of Coach purses. You are considering purchasing customer data from a company that sells a large variety of women’s products online. In addition to providing a list of names, mailing addresses, and email addresses the data includes an approximate estimate of customer’s annual income based on the code in which they live, census data, and highest level of education achieved. You could use the estimate of estimate of annual income to identify likely purchasers of your high-end purses and use email addresses to send email s announcing the new product line and touting it’s many features. List the advantages and disadvantages of such a marketing strategy. Would you recommend this means of promotion in this instance? Why or why not?
  • The advantage is,

    • You can access all the customers data

    • You can email them

    • You can manage your sales

  • And the Disadvantage is,

    • You’re accessing the privacy of the customers

    • Your clients can use the information of the customers in other purposes out in your business. Maybe not, because the privacy of the customers in this strategy is open and not safe, maybe others can access the information and use it on other purposes.


  1. A former high school classmate of yours who has returned to China emails you that he has been offered a part-time job monitoring a Chinese Web Site and posting comments favourable to the government. How would you respond?
  • I will reply to him and said that not accept the offered job, because spying on other’s website and monitor comments is unethical, there are rights of the people commenting the freedom of expressions, we all had rights to talk, to express our thoughts and ideas.


  1. Your 15-year-old nephew exclaims “Oh wow!” and proceeds to tell you about a very revealing photo attachment he just received in a text message from his 14-year-old girlfriend of three months. He can’t wait to forward the message to others in his school. What would you say to your nephew? Are further steps needed besides a discussion on sexing?
  • I would talk properly to my nephew and tell what will be possibly happen if he forwards the message to others.


  1. A college friend of yours approaches you about an idea to start a PR firm that would specialize in monitoring the internet for “bad PR” about a company and “fixing” it. One tactic the firm would use is to threaten negative posters with a libel lawsuit unless they remove their posting. Should that fail, the PR firm will generate dozens of positive postings  to outweigh the negative posting. What would you say to your friend about her idea?
  • I would think and say it’s a bright idea, but I would question him if his doing is right? Or is it ethical? He is faking the comments about it and faking the feedbacks to attract users.


  1. You are the computer technical resource for county’s public library system. The library is making plans to install Internet filtering software so that it will conform to the Children’s Internet Protection Act and be eligible for federal funding. What sort of objections can you expect regarding implementation of Internet filters? How might you deal with such objections?
  • I think they will have no objections because they know that is a library and it is open to public in all ages and they would also expect that it had implemented internet filtering to block some rated SPG URL’s or websites.


  1. Imagine that you receive a hate email at your school or job. What would you do? Does your school or workplace have a policy that covers such issues?
  • I would just ignore it there are just people that is insecure, because they don’t have what I have or maybe other reasons.



  1. A co-worker confides to you that he is going to begin sending emails to your employer’s internal corporate blog site, which serves as a suggestion box. He plans to use an anonymous remailer and sign the messages “Anonymous,” Your friend is afraid of retribution from superiors but wishes to call attention to instances of racial and sexual discrimination observed during his five years as an employee with the firm. What would you say to your friend?
  •  I would suggest to them that he should not use anonymous email instead use a proper or a traceable email for them to know who send it.


  1. You have procrastinated too long and how your final paper for your junior English course is due in just five days-right in the middle of final exam week! The paper counts for half your grade for the term and would probably take you at least 20 Hours to research and write. Your room-mate, an English major with a 3.8 GPA, has suggested two options (1) He will write an original paper for you for $100, or (2) he will show you two or three “paper mill” Web site, from which you can download a paper of less than $35. You was to do the right thing, but writing the paper will take away from the time you have available to study for your final exam in three other courses. What would you do?
  •  Maybe I will choose the first option that he will write an original copy for me for $100, so that I will had a time to study and I had no option, I just choose the one that has less objection in the right of Intellectual Property, because he offered me, so he is giving me the right to use his work for my English subject.


  1. You are beginning to feel very uncomfortable in your new position as a computer hardware salesperson for a firm that is the major competitor of your previous employer. Today for the second time, someone has mentioned to you how valuable it would be to know what the marketing and new product development plans were of your ex-employer. You stated that you are unable to discuss such information under the non-disclosure contract signed with your former employer, but you know your response did not satisfy your new co-workers. Your fear that the pressure to reveal information about the plans of your former company is only going to increase over the next few weeks. What do you do?
  • I would keep it secret , because I signed the contract in my former employer in the contract, it stated that I will not reveal or tell any company secret’s or in IT terms they call it the TRADE SECRETS.


  1. You have been asked to lead your company’s new competitive intelligence organization. What would you do to ensure that members of the new organization obey applicable laws and the company’s own ethical policies?
  • I would or will explain to the members the laws that are applicable and acceptable in the company and all the ethical policies in the company that they should follow.


  1. Should Apple conduct extensive screening of Apps before they are allowed to be sold the App Store? Why or why not?
  •  Yes it should conduct extensive screening to filter the list of apps that had good quality and useful and acceptable to the users.

  1. Do research to determine the current status of the FCC investigation of Apple for banns use of the Adobe Flash software on devices that use the iOS operating system
  • It is announced that it will no longer ban intermediary development tools for iOS as long as it don’t download any code in app store.

  1. What do you think of Apple’s guideline that says it will reject in app for any content or behavior that they believe is over the line? Could such a statement be constructed as a violation of the developer’s freedom of speech? Why or Why not?
  •  About the license & end-users agreement, no because the owner had right of what his company would do.

Ethics In Information Technology

  1. There are many ethical issues about which people hold very strong opinions—abortion, gun control, and the death penalty, to name a few. If you were a team member on a project with someone whom you knew held an opinion different from yours on one of these issues, would it affect your ability to work effectively with this person? Why or why not?
  • It depends on his/her opinions, if his/her opinion is ethical why not accept it? And if his/her opinion had no point, I would share my opinion and defend it. I think every people will be distracted in their work if they know their doing not right.
  1. Identify two important life experiences that helped you define your own personal code of ethics.
  • First is when we are defending our project in database 2, one of our panels asked us who make the program and my group mate said, the two of us make it. But the truth is I’m the only one who makes it, and also in our networking 1 , I make the project of my classmate the adder/subtractor, adder, subtractor, multiplacator which I realized that it’s not right and unethical.
  • Second is when our instructor gave us the final project, the distribution is not equal, others had the easiest project to make.
  1. Do you think that the importance of ethical behavior in business is increasing or decreasing? Defend your position.
  • For me I think it’s increasing, why? Because many companies and organization check the employee’s background before they hired them, because they want to ensure that their company have good employee’s, and to be good employee they must have the moral and ethical value.
  1. Do you believe that an organization should be able to escape criminal liability for the acts of its employees if it has acted as a responsible corporate citizen, making strong efforts to prevent and detect misconduct in the workplace? Why or why not?
  • No, the act of the employee can affect the organization, maybe the organization can escape the criminal liability but the trust of the other people to that company or organization will decrease or will be lost.
  1. Is it possible for an employee to be successful in the workplace without acting ethically?
  • No, you cannot say that you are successful in your job if you had no integrity or you’re not acting ethically.
  1. Should software piracy within the boundaries of third-world countries be tolerated to allow those countries an opportunity to move into the information age?
  • No, it should be not tolerated because they can make it as practice, and maybe it can be their habits and do it in their job, making illegal copies and others.
  1. Is ethics training really just a waste of time that will not change the behavior of employees?
  • For some people they can say it’s a waste of time because they don’t understand what will be the coming effect if many people are not doing ethically. But for others it is great values to have to be successful in their workplace.

Why There is NO Licensure Exam for IT Professionals?

                Yesterday is really different from today because from the past it is okay with them that they were not educated. Today, if you don’t have any degree most of the people don’t have a better future. Education is part of our lives and it is part of our journey. If you chose to study, well then that’s a very good decision you made. That’s why now I am studying and taking up BS in Information Technology. For how many years in studying in this institution, I was really proud of the students coming from this institution who passed the Licensure Examination and with that there is a question comes up in my mind that why it is Information Technology don’t have licensure examination?  As I think of it there are some ideas come up in my mind that as an IT student we are not only studying in one body of knowledge, that we are not only memorizing theories which is part of the old knowledge. It is our responsibility to create new devices that is very applicable in today’s life. And how can we create if our knowledge is inadequate? That is why IT doesn’t have examination because the knowledge we need is always developing or upgrading in order for us to develop a new technology as a response in changing demands as of today and even for our near future.

                Technology evolves so that the community will meet their different demands because most of the businesses and establishments depend on software which is very useful for them to have fast and accurate in terms of any processes involved the computers. Like for example cell phones, it is true that people will find something new about gadgets and it is a challenge for the IT experts to provide what the people needs that’s why different models of gadgets through technology are very fast evolving that somehow the old one were faced out. Information Technology does have a lot of specialties and don’t have standard curriculum. Different institution does have different curriculum and it is very true that not all of the programming languages we know because our school only taught us java programming language the fact that the institutions used php, turbo c, c++ and others.

Every country had different curriculum used in teaching Information Technology students like Philippines compared to the United States it is really different the way they teach and the way they train students. Talking to the licensure examination of the IT if time comes that there would be I am so sure that many students will fail because it is not that easy to study, to think that there are many programming languages to consider. What if you take an examination then in the programming field how can we answer if we only know java then the language they wanted for you to use is turbo? That is the question that everybody needs to consider why Information Technology do not have that licensure examination.

                As I conclude I agree that there is no licensure examination because technology as they said is “a non-stop evolution” in terms of processes.